November 2018 Debt & Expense Report [-$68,501]

Quick update for November. How did the Jane Lean FI financial house do? This month’s debt was reduced from $69,324 to $68,501.

Here is a list of my debts with the total amounts and the payment made this month.

Debt(SD: 4/2018)(10/2018)(11/2018)
Auto Loan – Paid off (4/2018)$0$0$0
New Used-Auto Loan$13,071$11,523$11,275
Signature Loan$11,510$8,398$7,907
Student Loans$46,996$45,756$45,697
CC1 – Paid off (5/2018)$740$0$0
CC2 – Paid off (5/2018)$2,401$0$0
Total Debt$81,120$69,324$68,501

*CC3 snowball is behind schedule by approximately $1030. 

Monthly Debt Recap for 2018


Auto Gas$205
Entertainment, Home$32
Entertainment, Viagogo$809
Gift, planned$500
Everything Else$100

I sit here in pity with what am I doing wrong – like something is not clicking. But here you see $800 on tickets (I changed my mind on discussing how much I spent for them). $800 hard earned bucks down the drain into nothingness within 2.5 seconds of click, click, click, purchase. Sigh. 

Moving on. (I realize that was my emergency fund down the drain).

I continue to mosey along. Nothing exciting but a series of small consistent moves to continue my pursuit towards a life of debt freedom. 

Thinking, what are my buckets…

  • Live within my means, frugal (and always a struggle for me)
  • Pay down that debt ferociously (w/out accruing new debt)
  • Save an emergency fund 
  • And try to have some frugal fun along the way (I gloat at this as a getting-there-middle-age woman with expectations that I should be able to throw money around when I hit this age – hard wake up call)

I realize a lot of it has to do with the mindset too. Too often I am pessimistic in my outlook on this personal finance journey. I blame it on my genes (after all, I heard happiness is 50% genes). But if I look at it as an awesome challenge – it would be much more rewarding, mindfully.

Being that I have been doing this movement for so long in trying to make and STICK with proper process, it’s been tiring. So pessimism pursues me. 

Perhaps one day I will change to Jane Pursues Lean FI (if retiring early can equate to retiring at 60, then I will add RE to FI to make FIRE).

$5 Saving Challenge

JaneHasDebt Instagram

Started to save my $5s 💵. I don’t have a goal in mind. But I have plenty of things I can earmark it for. Like an emergency fund, a potential big goal in mind, holiday fun and more. Whatever shall I do? ⁣ ⁣ I realize funding my Emergency fund would be best. ⁣ ⁣ #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #saving #savings #savingschallenge #5dollarchallenge #masonjar

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Can we talk about this $5 Savings Challenge? Initially I thought it was a good idea, but recent transactions have left me with an abundance of $5s in change. Sounds great right? But I am whittling away my budget way too quick! Which teaches me a couple of things:

  • Pack work breakfasts and lunches
  • Or, don’t buy food at work with a $20 because I Always get $5s back!
  • Start going to the bank for my Cash Budget so I have less $20s to break
  • Be afraid to spend… LOL

I am already up $115 in 3 weeks. Yikes! 

I intend to use the funds either to build up my Emergency fund or take down the CC3 Debt. The CC3 needs to be paid off by October 2019 so interest is not accrued.


That’s it for my November debt recap. How was your November?

Victim of Viagogo, probably.

viagogo victims

Side-swiped by Viagogo. I’m actually embarrassed to say I am being duped, ripped off by Viagogo. I got an impulsiveness while listening to a song on Pandora and bought tickets to a sold out concert for next year in Ireland at a Castle!

I told myself when buying I would be able to resell them easily if I don’t go, but Viagogo is smarter than me.

I won’t say how much I paid for them (from 3rd paycheck availability), but I will say Viagogo tacked on a sh*t ton of fees that they show you 3 seconds before you check out. Then wage against the pound before it processes on your credit card statement. Then finding out I paid 65% more than the tickets face value (half of the full payment were fees). Then not being able to see the break down again on my account. Then finding out that Viagogo doesn’t actually have the tickets. I don’t have experience from resellers nor did I realize they were resellers. But quickly got my experience.

The tickets may or may not be here 1 week prior to the concert. If you google Viagogo, you’ll find out their are a ton of sad stories people losing A LOT of hard earned money and big lawsuits pending in different countries around the world.

Smart Jane failed in using her credit card.

Expensive lesson. With as much strife as there is online about Viagogo, I am not going to invest in a trip to Ireland for the concert.
(not that I have the money to go anyway)

I can hold my breath and hope the tickets don’t get delivered (as happens many of times). Then I am okay to go after my due refund.

The other sad stories, many tickets sold are duplicates and people get turned away at the door. Viagogo is due to give a refund if that happens, but you have to verify you were turned away. Meaning I would need to go in person to the venue and receive a letter stating I was turned away. I would hate to go all that way and be crushed to not see the concert.

I can try to resell them even though the tickets are not in my possession, but will likely get very little in return after fees deducted. Not to mention that another person then becomes a pawn.

Viagogo is a well-tuned manipulative money machine with a fine-tuned marketing scheme feeding on a person’s desperation to grab the ‘last tickets available’ (when not available in the first place). I wish the US was one of the countries working to sue Viagogo, but tis not the case. I am cutting my loses and hoping to forewarn other from making the same mistake.

I’ve made big purchases due to impulsiveness in the past. But I’ve always had a way to get out of it with minimal losses. Not this time!

I take responsibility for hitting the submit button and am already feeling a ton of guilt for making the purchase because I have a ton of debt to climb out from under, areas to play catch up, and holidays to celebrate. But will shame myself in a separate post.

Have you or any one your know been a victim of Viagogo?

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EOM October 2018 Net Worth

While I was browsing the internet, I came across conversation about an elder couple’s declining health, necessary specialized nursing home care and having to sell the house in order to qualify for Medicaid. Half a million snatched up to health care within a matter of a year. I just shake my head. US Healthcare should not rob a person of everything they have in order for a person to receive the health care they need. Especially knowing that almost every one will require it at one time or another.

I won’t go off on a rant, but it hit me that once I get my debt paid off I need to start planning for elder life finances and heath care. Let me back up, I am not that old (hello GenX), but with rules like needing to transfer a house 5 years before going on Medicaid – things are required to be planned ahead. I may never own a house. Although I hope I do get a modest one that can be transferred to my offspring. But reality – at this point – is that I will not be wealthy to pay for my health care needs out of pocket and not impoverish enough to have no assets. I’m in the middle and can lose it all in a heart beat. Scary thoughts! Especially considering it takes a long time to build a financial foundation. Gosh knows I don’t want to end up in a scrappy arse nursing home.

Now I understand why others are expats to countries that are more suitable for retirement. Maybe I should consider.

Net Worth

For a mind of abundance, I am first time posting the big picture of my finances. Slow and steady it goes.


  • I would love to save $275/m in that UTMA account for a few years
  • Pay off the debt. I really don’t want to known for, “Student Loans will be the Death of Me”
  • Max out the Retirement fund each year
  • Buy a cozy house in a place of nature
  • Live frugally forever! (I wish I didn’t need to, but this is me accepting my reality).

And there you have it! Check out my updated about page here.

Tacking on two articles I enjoyed today:
FIRE – Financial Independence, Retire Early or Retire Ever?
Going Back to Cali…?

Adulting is tough stuff. Any tips on how to do it successfully?

October 2018 Debt & Expense Report [-$69,324]

This month went by so quick. I did not even get to watch all the SpOoKy movies I usually watch in the month of October and I already miss the orange and purple lights that adorned my patio. I look forward to putting up Christmas lights soon to get the festivity back.

Debt repayment has slowed down. Re-balancing the budget and annual bills due (where I didn’t save enough throughout the year) negated most of the snowball amount. I don’t anticipate the snowball picking up with the holidays coming about. For now, as long as I continue making regular payments and staying course than all is well.

(I know, I know. There really is no fun in reading the norm. But staying the course is solid effort on my part.)

How did the Jane Lean FI financial house do? This month’s debt was reduced from $70,381 to $69,324.

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September 2018 Debt & Expense Update [-$70,381]

This month there was great improvement with my mindset towards my personal finance situation. There was new self-awareness brought on by some heavy introspection. It didn’t hurt there was a trip involved to New Orleans where the food is amazing. So is the architecture of wrought iron porches and wick-flamed lanterns. With Halloween around the corner, some of the porches were decorated heavy in ribbon, beads, and skeletons. Traveling is good for the soul and I was happy to share it with my brood.

How did the Jane Lean FI financial house do? I paid normal due amount in a couple of categories. You can read the why in the recap below. This month debt was reduced from $71,311 down to $70,381.
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August 2018 Debt & Expense Update [-$71,311]

Did I tell you how a bear almost got me? I finally went out hiking again. It was a busy trail with a family in front of me. They went around the bend… after a couple minutes they came booking it down the trail, “there is a bear and he is coming down the trail!”. Almost everyone turned back down the trail. Another couple was trying to be brave going ahead and in another minute they came running back down the trail, too. I stayed behind a mom with her small kids to make sure they made it down safely.

Fortunately, California bears will normally not bother you as long as you keep your distance and don’t provoke them. I’m used to them coming through campsites I’ve stayed at doing their night exploring for food that may have left behind.

How did the Jane Lean FI financial house do? Debt was reduced from $72,002 down to $71,311. Expenses… well they got me.
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Quick Thoughts with Jane – ADHD Debt Epiphany

I’ve been trying to think why I can’t break my cycle of debt. I’m really trying to figure out the psychology on why I keep self-sabotaging myself.

Then I had an epiphany the other day ::

My debt acts like weighted blanket to my overactive nature.

Anxious people, over energetic people do really well with sleeping with a weighted blanket. It produces a calming and secure feeling. Like a giant hug. And with an over-stimulated mind, my heavy blanket is a Godsend in giving me a good night’s sleep.

But this is exactly what having debt does for me. When the weight starts being lifted, I feel like I have room to spend more money. Impulsive spending. Every penny has an expense until it’s all used up.

I’ve gotten good at curbing the impulsive spending with small things (once upon a time I was addicted to Starbucks). Now it’s the bigger items like financing cars. When I am zoned into the purchase I can rationalize that it’s the right choice to no end!

Having debt keeps me in check.

I need to find a way to anchor myself in a healthy way when debt freedom starts to feel real. (At this point, seems to be apparent at about the $58K mark that I have yet to break).

So what might be another way to keep my over-active nature in check when money starts becoming available again?